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Mule II Litter Wheel [11-2210]

The new Mule Litter Wheel is designed to be truly universal , and easily accept s any type and style of rigid litter regardless of the shape or style . In fact the Mule Litter Wheel can even secure a makeshift litter made from wooden planks or logs as easily as it can a ski patrol toboggan or any other style of litter.

The single-wheel design allows for ease of movement in the roughest terrain. Ideally suited for narrow trails, it easily tracks over bogs, ruts, roots, rocks, snow etc., giving the patient the smoothest-possible ride. Unlike two-wheeled designs, it can be taken across-slope easily, and will not sway over obstacles and un-even ground.

The Mule II is equipped with two securing straps (2 hooks per strap) and a durable ratchet locking device which is easily operated in all weather conditions. The hooks at the end of each securing strap have a one-inch diameter opening which allows you to attach them to any style litter on the market today. The Mule Litter Wheel uses a large ATV wheel for greater tracking ability through all kinds of terrain, as well as for shock absorption for a smooth and comfort able ride for the patient. The unique uni-support design allows the wheel to be quickly and easily removed for compact storage and transport.

  • Stores in a space not much bigger than the wheel itself
  • Truly universal
  • Optional, adjustable-height handles
  • All-Terrain Wheel
  • Fast, simple securing system
  • MuleLitter.pdf

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