Traverse Rescue, LLC (Traverse) Limited Warranty states that all Traverse Rescue LLC Soft Goods are warranted for a period of 90 days after the date of invoice, to the original purchaser. All other Traverse Stretchers and Accessories are warranted for a period of one year after the date of invoice, to the original purchaser.

This warranty is provided against any material or workmanship flaws or defects. In this event of such a flaw or defect during this warranty period, please contact Traverse Rescue immediately.

Traverse Rescue agrees to repair or replace (at our discretion) the defective product. Our Limited Warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, misuse, lack of care, improper use or accidents. It also does not cover damage due to attempted repair by the purchaser that was not authorized by Traverse Rescue. No other warranties exist or are implied by Traverse Rescue. Traverse Rescue shall not be held liable for; punitive, incidental, special or exemplary damages arising out of the breach of the warranty on sales by Traverse Rescue or otherwise, or through the performance or non-performance of any third-party part, product, service or system. This Limited Warranty does not limit, nor alter, other manufacturer’s warranties on products that are sold by Traverse Rescue.

Traverse Rescue, LLC is a company formed from very mature and deep roots in the world of EMS. Traverse Rescue LLC is a Ferno Group Company, joining the many others from around the globe that are closely held by Ferno Washington, Inc., of Wilmington Ohio.

Based upon the strengths that Ferno Washington, Inc. brings to us, Traverse Rescue LLC is focused on the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of a complete line of rescue gear suited for Technical Rescue Specialists, Fire Service Professionals, Industrial Rescue Teams, Search and Rescue Teams (SAR), Ski Patrol and other professions requiring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Our engineering and design experience, coupled with our involvement in the Rescue Market, allows us to develop new products and improve on existing designs. Each product we offer is “Engineered For Your Mission.” We are capable of looking after your every need, from your first call to us, right through to after-sales issues such as deliveries and warranty service.



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