Arachnipod Gin Head

SKU# AUS 03-1037-0

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Multi-function capabilities. Simplicity of use. Thoughtful design and robust engineering. These characteristics make the Arachnipod the world’s most versatile modular total edge management system (TEMS).

The Gin Head is used in the Gin Pole system and is also used as a separate component of a complex high directional system or an additional attachment point in a high line system. The Lazy Leg and Gin Head come standard with the Rescue Plus and the TEMS Kits or can be purchased separately. The Gin Head is used with a Lazy Leg to form a Gin Pole. Both parts are coloured blue making the leg selection an easy task. Manufactured of Alloy Aluminum, the Gin Head is affixed to the end of a leg with high strength pins. Multiple holes allow rescuers to stabilize the system.



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