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Arachnipod TEMS - 2m


Product Details

Multi-function capabilities. Simplicity of use. Thoughtful design and robust engineering. These characteristics make the Arachnipod the world’s most versatile modular total edge management system (TEMS).

We recognised the need for one single edge management device that easily adjusts into multiple configurations that’s not only safe but cost effective. The innovative Arachnipod is the result. Based on the concept of an industrial tripod, you’ll find the Arachnipod is much more than just a tripod. Components can be added or removed as required so that the Arachnipod complements existing structural or natural features. The unique design of the patented modular head means the Arachnipod can be constructed into many different configurations including a gin pole/ monopole, bipod, tripod, quadpod, bridge system and handrail recovery monopole.

Contents TEMS - 2m TEMS - 3m TEMS - 4m
Individual components/Kit contents 
 Arachnipod Rescue Plus 1 1
 2 metre Bridge Kit
 3 metre Bridge Kit 1
 4 metre Bridge Kit 1

Its versatility makes it an ideal system for workers in industries such as, but not limited to:

  • Rescue and emergency services
  • Construction
  • Military
  • Water
  • Power
  • Telecommunications
  • Mining
  • Film industry
  • Maintenance

The Arachnipod has been drop test rated for a 280 kg rescue load and has the capability of holding a 280 kg high directional load as well as a belay system. The recommended rescue belay as tested with a 280 kg rescue load is the Traverse 540˚ Belay Device. All lowering and hauling systems should be backed up by a belay or secondary system.

How It Works

The Arachnipod in its basic form is a tripod. It consists of three telescoping legs that are each pivotally connected to an anodized head produced from aluminium extrusion with cutouts down each side. These cutouts allow two or more heads to connect together with a Qik-link pin (similar to a hinge) which allows the quick and simple addition or removal of legs to create different configurations. Each head has a D-shackle for guying and stabilization. The optional pulley leg has an in-built pulley, mounted on two stainless steel roller bearings.The stainless steel pulley has two grooves - one to take up to 13 mm rope and one to take up to 8 mm wire cable. Stainless steel detente pins prevent the rope or wire from coming out of the grooves.

Arachnipod Kits

The modular design of the Arachnipod offers customers the option to purchase a basic unit and upgrade to make a more advanced system. Minimal space is needed to store an Arachnipod as it flat packs for simple and convenient storage. There are five kits available for purchase ranging from the basic tripod through to a total edge management system (TEMS).

Download Detailed Information:

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