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Porter with Basket Porter Storage

Porter Transport System

SKU# 11-2224

Product Details

  • Compact, easy storage, two (2) wheels fit inside frame
  • Capable of securing a makeshift litter made from wooden planks or logs
  • Two securing straps (2 hooks per strap) are each rated to 4.5 kN (1,000 lbs.) and use a strong and durable Ratchet-Locking device easily operated in all weather conditions
  • Hooks on securing straps have a one-inch diameter opening and can be attached to any style litter

Product Features:

  • Universal design, compatible with any type and style of rigid litter
  • Eight position adjustable handles
  • Fast ratchet securing system locks basket stretcher with 2 straps and 2 rubberized steel hooks/strap to cinch it down
  • Quick release pins on each side of the handle locks them into position with ease; Each pin has a wire lanyard
  • Design allows the wheels to be quickly and easily removed for compact storage and transport

Download Detailed Information:

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  • Traverse Rescue
  • 2460 Tedlo Street
  • Mississauga, ON
  • L5A 3V3
  • Canada