Spartan Split-Apart Basket Stretcher, RedSpartan Split-Apart, Red
Spartan Split-Apart Basket Stretcher, Red Spartan Split-Apart Basket Stretcher, Red

NEW Spartan Split-Apart Rescue Litter, Red

SKU# 11-0127

Product Details

The Spartan is our new plastic split-apart rescue litter that features our patented LocSafe Connection system and StratLoad™ attachment points.

The unique Split-Apart feature allows for a completely secure connection between the parts of the rescue litter, without the use of pins or tubes sliding into each other. The LocSafe feature allows for quick and easy visual check to ensure connections are secure throughout an operation. A small button stops split apart co-nection from being disengaged during the rescue process.

The top rail is completely exposed which eliminates the need for rescuers to find cut outs and offers unencumbered access for multiple rescuers to grab the rail at any location.

Standard features include a 19.8mm (7/8 inch) top-tube to make it easy to hold onto relative to smaller-tube frames. Four StratLoad™ attachment points make it quick, easy and safer to clip your Litter Bridle into. These attachment points protect the carabiner from wall and rock faces etc.

Custom colour rescue litters and aluminum backing are available. Additional charges and minimum quantities apply to all custom orders. For more details, please contact your representative or email us directly at

Product Features:

  • Available in 2 materials - Stainless Steel & Titanium
  • Recessed sliding surface on the bottom capable of handling rough terrain and protecting the frame
  • Outer shell made of high molecular polyethylene (HMWPE)
  • Top rail is completely exposed for easier connectability
  • StratLoad™ Feature as Standard
  • Split Apart design for greater storage ability
  • 7/8” Top Tube – The large Top Tube is very easy to hold onto, especially in long carries, even with the thickest gloves.

Download Detailed Information:

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