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Traverse Rescue Stretcher

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Product Details

The Traverse Rescue Stretcher (TRS) has been designed and constructed for both horizontal and vertical casualty evacuations. The lightweight and compact roll-up design makes this stretcher ideal for high angle and confined space rescue, as well as backcoun-try wilderness and helicopter operations. The wrap-around concept gives the patient a feeling of security and protects arms and sides from further injury during evacuation procedures.

The stretcher is constructed using an inner layer made from a tough high density polyethylene sheet, which give the stretcher it’s rigidity when curved around the patient. The outer fabric shell is made using two different materials. The base fabric is a 1350 Denier Cordura nylon with a heavy PU coating, which has been specially woven to be as tough as possible to resist abrasion and cuts.

The top layer is 1000 Denier Cordura making a tough but comfortable layer for the patient to lay on. The carry handles and vertical lift attachment points are construct from 2” web and are designed as structural attachment points for a lifting bridle. The plastic tubing on the carry handle makes for a much more comfortable carry for rescuers. The built-in color-coded full body adjustable harness restrains the patient securely in the stretcher so there is no need to fold over the head and foot end of the stretcher, which can cause discomfort to the patient.

Padded straps in the shoulder and groin areas make for a comfortable fit, while the foot strap stops the patient from sliding down during vertical lifts. The six outer 2 “web restraint straps further secure the patient into the stretcher by wrapping the stretcher around the patient’s body using a two-bar, three-bar steel buckle system, which is easy and quick to work with even with gloves on.

The TRS comes with 6 colour-coded lifting slings (32kN), including 2 adjustable sling that converts to an integrated bridle when used with a rigging plate* and carabiners (x3)*. Also included is a cordura storage bag with backpack shoulder straps.

Product Features:

  • Built-In Restraint System -- Unquestionably Secure & Fast
  • Designed for Vertical or Horizontal Use -- Adaptive to any use
  • 6 Colour-coded lifting slings (32 kN), including 2 adjustable slings that convert to an integrated bridle when used with a rigging plate* and carabiners* (x3)
  • Storage/Backpack Bag -- Easy to store & carry

*Rigging plate & Carabiners not included with TRS

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