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Traverse/FERNO Canada and the Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP) have as of December 6th 2019 signed a National Purchasing Agreement. CSP groups or members, now, must place their order through CSP Head Office for Traverse backpacks. Please place your order through the Canadian Ski Patrol website:

Cirque Shoulder StrapsCirque Shoulder Straps

Cirque Shoulder Straps

SKU# 20-0090

Product Details

The Cirque Patrol Fanny Packs are made for those patrollers who like to go light and fast! These packs maximize the carrying capacity by having pockets intelligently placed, as well as by having features such as our double-loop elastic, allowing you to carry roll-items or other small supplies on top of each other.

Large pockets have been added on the hip-belt of the Cirque packs, which can store many smaller items and are easily accessible.

The Cirque Shoulder Harness is an ideal add-on for your Cirque Patrol Fanny Packs. Designed to distribute the weight more evenly over your body, you will feel less fatigue at the end of the day.

An additional benefit is that your pack will not be dropping on you as you take the bumps. The Shoulder Harness is quick to put on or take off, and is well padded for additional comfort through a long day on Patrol.

Cirque I Fanny Pack features include a fully-padded hip belt, large hip-belt pockets, key chain holder and double loop elastic.

Cirque II Fanny Pack has all the standard features of the smaller Cirque 1, but with additional size for those who need to carry more items. The Cirque II is wider and deeper, with extra storage compartment on the bottom which is ideal for a personal escape line. Compression straps have been added to both the main compartment as well as to the lower one, so no matter the size of your load, you can cinch it up tight to your body and carry it through any terrain with the high-est comfort level possible. The hip belts are well-padded for extra comfort, and the optional shoulder harness is recommended for the proper distribution of the weight.

Product Features:

  • Available in two sizes (I & II)
  • Fully-Padded Hip Belt
  • Large Hip-Belt Pockets
  • Key-Chain Holder
  • Double-Loop Elastic

Cirque Shoulder Harness - Black only

  • Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Easy Zipper to Install or Remove
  • Distributes the Load Evenly Over Your Body

Download Detailed Information:

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