Titan -Ti Titanium Basket Stretcher with Stratload, TaperedTitan-Ti Titanium Tapered

Tapered -- Titan-Ti Titanium Rescue Litter

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Product Details

The Titan-Ti Tapered Rescue Litter is a Titanium, TIG-welded frame construction basket stretcher. It relies on its frame geometry, construction methods and materials for its ultimate strength.

The Titan-Ti Tapered Rescue Litter is designed to meet a Traverse-Standard of 1,134 kg (2500 lbs.) while suspended from a four-point litter bridle. All testing has been completed at an independent facility, and are proven to surpass this specification.

The Titan-Ti Tapered Rescue Litter is specifically designed to perform in a technical rescue environment. The materials allow it to survive in almost all conditions, while the design itself allows for a user-friendly platform from which to work. The titanium materials allow the additional feature of reducing more than half of the weight when compared to similar stainless steel models.

Unique features include a 25.4mm (1 inch) top-tube to make it easy to hold onto relative to smaller-tube frames. Four StratLoad™ attachment points make it quick, easy and safer to clip your Litter Bridle into. These attachment points protect the carabiner from wall and rock faces etc. The High Density Polyethylene netting allows water and air to easily pass through the patient compartment, yet the small holes keep from snagging debris as easily. The High Density Polyethylene material will not rust and potentially cause additional harm to your patient, and they are attached with shock cord so they will give-way when loads are improperly placed on it.

Custom colour rescue litters and aluminum backing are available. Additional charges and minimum quantities apply to all custom orders. For more details, please contact your representative or email us directly at info@traverserescue.com

Product Features:

  • StratLoad™ Feature as Standard
  • Tapered Design -- Allows easier access in confined areas
  • Extreme Light Weight– The Titanium material cuts the weight by at least half over the Stainless Steel Titans and other competitors
  • 25.4 mm Top Tube – The large Top Tube is very easy to hold onto, especially in long carries
  • High Density Polyethylene netting -- HDPE
  • UHMW-PE Back Support – No more splinters from a wooden back support, and it is extremely durable


  • CE Classified and Certified Class 1

Download Detailed Information:

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